White Mystic Ranger

: Udonna (played by Peta Rutter)
Age: Unknown
Symbol: Snowflake
Morph Call: Magical Source
Mystic Force!

Weaponry: Snow Staff, Wand
Vehicle: None
Zords: None (herself)
Mystical Power: Light, Ice and Snow.
WhiteMR Episodes.: 1,2,12,29
Information: Sorceress Udonna is the rangers' mentor from a magical dimension in the woods just outside of the city called Briarwood. Her home is inside a big tree and is called RootCore. The entrance is a dragon's head.

A few years ago, a great battle occurred in the magical dimension. Dark magic conquered their realm and was about to enter the human realm when they were finally defeated and sent back to the underworld, "But at a great cost". The gate was sealed with a powerful spell, but during Briarwood's latest Earthquake a crack appeared in the gate and evil has slipped through.

Udonna gets five people to step forward from the human realm and enter the magical dimension and become power rangers - the worlds' protecters.

Udonna is the White Mystic Ranger. "Flurry of snow!"

Episode 2: Udonna is defeated in battle by the Knight Wolf Centaur form and looses her Snow Staff to him. She can no longer become the White Mystic Ranger.

Episode 11: She is captured by Koragg.

Episode 12: Udonna finds her Snow Staff and channels it to aid the rangers alongside the Titan Megazord using the energy of the White Mystic Ranger against Morticon. The Titan Saber freezes Morticon's weapon, then they use a new attack, "Mystic Strike", and Morticon is destroyed. Udonna then uses her Snow Staff to free herself. Koragg doesn't allow her to take back her Snow Staff but lets her leave the pit with her life instead.

Another flashback of Young Udonna is shown with baby Nick being held by his father.

Episode 24: Udonna leaves RootCore in search for her husband Leanbow and is followed by Clare.

Episode 27: Hekatoid captures Udonna.

Episode 28: Leelee, Phineas and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress.

Episode 29: Leelee had brought Udonna's Snow Staff with her and they rescue Udonna. The Legend Warriors use Code 2 on their Mystic Lion Staffs and combine their powers with the return of the White Mystic Ranger.

Episode 30: Udonna leaves her body to search for Leanbow within the underworld. Udonna finally finds him but he is unable to move. Udonna uses the energy of her Snow Staff to save Leanbow.

Episode 32: After the Master is defeated, Nick leaves town with Udonna and Leanbow on their motorcycles to go see his adopted parents for awhile.
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