Red Mystic Ranger

: Nick(Bowen)  Russell (played by
Firass Dirani)
Age: 17 (19?) (20?)
Symbol: Phoenix
Morph Call: Magical Source
Mystic Force!

Weaponry: Mystic Morpher,
Magi Staff Striker, Mystic Lion Staff
Vehicle: Mystic Racer, Mystic Speeder
Zords: Mystic Phoenix, Mystic Firebird
Mystical Power: Fire.
Information: Nick, the new guy in town, loves restoring classic motorcycles. When an old man comes looking for help from others, Nick is the first to step forward.

Nick is always on the road. His parents are working overseas for a few years. He was living with his cousins for a while, then his uncle, and now his sister in Briarwood.

At first Nick did not believe that his destiny was to be the red ranger, he did not believe in magic, but thanks to Clare and Udonna, Nick came to his senses when the others were being attacked by Koragg, the Knight Wolf.

In Episode 2, Nick morphs into the Red Mystic Ranger. "Forceful as fire!"

Using his Magi Staff Sword Mode, Red can "summon the power of the Phoenix", becoming engulfed in flames for a powerful fire attack.

Nick's past of where he came from is unknown, even to him. In episode 5, he saw something from his past - himself as a baby in a red blanket in the woods in the arms of someone in a black cloak. Nick has had the red blanket with him all this time.

Episode 5: Red this time used his "Power of the Phoenix" attack by throwing it from the Sword.

Episode 7: Red strikes with the sword using the Phoenix fire power.

Episode 9: Nick uses his psychic connection with Koragg to try and contact him.

Episode 12: Fire of the Phoenix counter-strike attack against Koragg's new strength from the Master; Another flashback of Young Udonna is shown with baby Nick being held by his father.

Episode 17: Jenji used Nick's red blanket to take Fire Heart into the forest. Nick tells Madison and Chip that he has had the red blanket ever since he was a baby, it's all that he has left of his birth parents and that he was adopted.

Episode 22: Udonna and Daggeron tell the story of the great battle. Before the great war, Udonna and Lienbow lived happily with their baby. When the battle was taken to the surface world, Udonna knew that the forces of darkness would be after their child. Bowen, born of magical blood would have the power and the potential to stop their evil domination.

As Daggeron left with Bowen, running through the woods to get him to safety, he was attacked by Calindor. Calindor also tried to get the baby. Dark Magic gave Calindor more power then ever. In the end their magics collided and they were both cursed. As for Bowen, Udonna and Daggeron had learned in "Ranger Down" that Phineas had found him and brought him to the safety of the human world.

Episode 23: Udonna finally spots Nick's red baby blanket and realizes that Nick is Bowen.

Episode 25: Nick, the Light, tries to surrender to Oculous hoping that if he did his friends would be set free. But Phineas saves him from a laser attack then helps him realize that without him all would be lost and that he has the power to defeat the darkness and save everyone.

Nick finally realizes his connection to Fire Heart. Red Legend Warrior combines with Fire Heart and becomes the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.

Episode 29: Nick and Xander have a moment at the Rock Porium. Nick tells Xander that no one understands what he's going through. Nick never knew his real parents or where he came from, and now that he finds out it's all taken away from him, he is alone again. Xander tells him he does know how he feels and he's not alone. Xander, "When I came to this country I didn't know anyone, no one wanted to know me. I was the new guy with the silly accent, picked last on the school teams. I was teased mercilessly. Takes time to find your place. I understand Loneliness. I understand leaving your friends behinds. But your not alone Nick, you got use. We're your friends. We're your mates, your family."

Episode 31: While the Master fully charges, Nick and Leanbow train to prepare for the final battle. Unfortunately, Nick is not ready.

The Master begins his attack, starting with the Light. Back at RootCore, Nick, training by himself using two wooden swords, becomes possessed by the Master's dark magic.

The Woodland village is destroyed by puppet Bowen. Bowen(Nick) attacks Leanbow and transforms into Koragg. Koragg and Wolf Warrior battle. Koragg transports Wolf Warrior and himself inside RootCore. They trash the inside of RootCore then return to the Woodland village. Leanbow reaches him and Nick is returned to normal.

Episode 32: The five Mystic Rangers combine forming a Mystic Spell Seal and destroy Black Lance.

The Master devours their legend powers and destroys the Manticore Megazord. The rangers hide in a cave. Nick is ready to just give up and surrender to the Master but Maddy steps forward and convinces him that giving up is not an option. The Master enters the cave. Red calls forth the good magic still left in the world and in his body then attacks with both his Magi Staff Striker and Mystic Lion Staff.

After the Master is defeated, Nick prepares to leave town to go see his adopted parents for awhile. Madison tells him that she wants him to come back for her. Nick gives her his red baby blanket then takes off on his motorcycle.

Nick leaves town with Udonna and Leanbow on their motorcycles.
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