Green Mystic Ranger

: Xander "X" Bly (played by Richard Brancatisano)
Age: 17
Symbol: Minotaur
Morph Call: Magical Source
Mystic Force!

Weaponry: Mystic Morpher,
Magi Ax, Mystic Lion Staff
Vehicle: Mystic Racer
Zords: Mystic Minotaur, Mystic Lion
Mystical Power: Earth / Nature.
Information: Xander is a smooth talker who likes to talk his way out of every sticky situation. When an old man comes looking for help from others, Xander is the last to step forward.

Xander also loves to skateboard.

Xander used the power of Nature to defeat his first set of Hidiacs.

In Episode 2, Xander morphs into the Green Mystic Ranger. "Strong as a tree!"

Using his Magi Staff Axe Mode, Green can launch a ground blast attack.

Episode 29: Nick and Xander have a moment at the Rock Porium. Nick tells Xander that no one understands what he's going through. Nick never knew his real parents or where he came from, and now that he finds out it's all taken away from him, he is alone again. Xander tells him he does know how he feels and he's not alone. Xander, "When I came to this country I didn't know anyone, no one wanted to know me. I was the new guy with the silly accent, picked last on the school teams. I was teased mercilessly. Takes time to find your place. I understand Loneliness. I understand leaving your friends behinds. But your not alone Nick, you got use. We're your friends. We're your mates, your family."

Episode 32: The five Mystic Rangers combine forming a Mystic Spell Seal and destroy Black Lance.

Xander still plays manager while Toby is away.
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