Toby Slambrook

: Barnie Duncan as Toby Slambrook.
Barnie Duncan also played as Piggy in Power Rangers SPD.

: Toby is the owner of the record shop called, Rock Porium, that the five rangers work at.

Episode 10: Toby solved the puzzle chest which opened and revealed the Fire Heart dragon egg, but the rangers took the chest to RootCore and opened it there before Toby could see what was inside. Toby just had to figure out which button to press on the chest. He likes to think of himself as the greatest puzzle solver in the world.

Episode 13: Phineas has a toothache and the rangers take him into the human realm to bring him to a dentist. Toby takes him to the dentist thinking that Phineas is Xander's long lost uncle from a small mountain village in europe which he had a horrible skiing accident and has a skin condition. The dentist pulls his tooth out.

Episode 18: Toby and the team have a celebration party of the Rock Porium's 1 year anniversary, but thanks to Imperious' dark wish the celebration is put on hold until the end of episode 20, which is one day later it seems.

Episode 21: Chip, V, Maddy and Nick paint a mural for the Rock Porium. Xander had a cold. Although they made a mess of the mural, Toby thought it was real art and loved it.

Episode 24: Toby had always wondered where his employees ran off to in the middle of their job. Chip tells Toby they leave because they are rangers. Chip knew Toby wouldn't believe him. Toby decides to hire one more person, Leelee.

Episode 29: Toby talks the team into telling him why they keep leaving the Rock Porium. Nick tells Toby they are power rangers but Toby informs him that they already tried that one and he wants proof. Unfortunately they can't morph to show him because Hekatoid had taken their powers. They learn from Toby to use agility against Hekatoid to get their powers back.

Toby learns that they really are power rangers when he sees them morph from a distance without them knowing.

Episode 30: Toby informs the team that he now believes them. He becomes aware of the team's secrets, including Leelee as Necrolai's daughter. He also learns that Phineas is not really Xander's long lost uncle. He hires Phineas as an employee of the Rock Porium.

Episode 31: With Phineas as an employee at the Rock Porium, there have been no customers for days. People are affrayed.

Toby regretfully fires Phineas, telling him how terrible business has been since he started working there because the customers don't know him like they do so they are affrayed of him. The store is Toby's "life man". Phineas takes off his store employee shirt and walks out.

Episode 32: The Master returns, but the rangers no longer have magic to fight back and defend themselves. Toby shows up with some people of the city, and Phineas shows up with ones from the forest. Toby had told the people that the ones from the forest are not the ones to fear, as did Phineas to those of the forest. They all agreed to stand together and fight the real evil. With all of them together, all "believe in magic", the rangers' powers are restored stronger then ever.

Toby and human Necrolai, Nikki, are now dating.
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