: Clare (Antonia Prebble, also played as Niella from Mystic Force, Krista from DinoThunder, and voice of Nova Ranger from SPD.)

: Clare is a Sorceress in training who is always getting her spells wrong. Udonna, her mentor and protector, would never give up on her because Udonna is her aunt.

Episode 11, Clare hears Udonna inform the rangers about the Gatekeeper: "The Gatekeeper was a powerful Sorceress named Niella, she was my sister. Niella cast a spell that sealed the gate and banished Morticon and his armies to the underworld. The spell was so strong that it depleted all of her life force. When the gate was lowered to the depths Niella was gone, but her spirit lives on in my heart and through the legacy of her Air. Niella's daughter and the Air to the Gatekeeper's power is Clare!"

With Udonna captured by Koragg and the Rangers about to be destroyed by Necrolai and her new power given by Koragg (power from the master), Clare finds the Gatekeeper's crown floating in the air from out of a box. Clare comes to the rangers' rescue, puts on the crown and becomes the new Gatekeeper. Clare depletes Necrolai's new power and Necrolai is forced to retreat. Koragg calls out to Nick and tells him to have the Gatekeeper battle Koragg alone or he will destroy Udonna.

The Master fills Koragg with dark magic to battle against the Gatekeeper. When All effort fails to stop Koragg, Clare then turns herself into the "Shining Moon Warrior" to battle him giant. Koragg forms the Centaurus Wolf Megazord and battles the Warrior. Clare almost takes him down but her attacks are countered and Koragg attacks at full power, using the master's dark magic, striking Clare back down to size.

With Clare at a weakened state the rangers come to her aid and try to fight off Koragg but Clare is then captured by Necrolai. Necrolai uses Clare to rise up the gate from the underworld.

Clare, the Gatekeeper: "Power of the Shining Moon, behold the Gatekeeper!" The Gatekeeper uses a staff in battle. She can: Form a force field around herself to stop incoming attacks; Deplete extra energy from her enemies; Strengthen the rangers (they did a high Moon kick (ep.11)); Fire blue laser beams; Glide through the air; Stretch out the staff to strike her enemy; Send out a powerful quarter moon ground strike.

Shining Moon Warrior: "Magic of the Shining Moon Warrior!" She Battles giant and uses the staff. She can: Fire energy; Fire "Laser Rope"; Create a powerful "Full Moon Blade" attack.

Episode 12: With the gate raised from the underworld, Koragg captures Clare and takes her inside the gate and uses her for an attempt to open the gate. A Spell wheel appears and once it is complete the gates will open and the armies will be released. Red Ranger saves her, then she uses the last of her strength to lower the gate back into the underworld. Her mother's powers are now all gone and Clare is no longer the Gatekeeper.

Episode 28: Leelee, Phineas and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress from Hekatoid.

Episode 29: The three rescue Udonna.

Episode 32: Mystic Mother makes Clare a full Sorceress.
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