Mystical Creatures

: Mystical creatures of the Woodland village.

For the people of the peaceful city of Briarwood there is only one rule, "Don't go into the forest!" For the magical creatures who live in the forest on the city's edge there is only one rule, "Don't go outside of the forest!"

By stepping into the forest you enter a magical realm filled with wonderful magic.

Episode 31: Nick becomes possessed by the Master's dark magic. The Woodland village is destroyed by puppet Bowen. Bowen(Nick) transforms into Koragg. Koragg and Wolf Warrior battle. Leanbow reaches him and Nick is returned to normal.

Episode 32: The Master returns, but the rangers no longer have magic to fight back and defend themselves. Toby shows up with some people of the city, and Phineas shows up with ones from the forest. Toby had told the people that the ones from the forest are not the ones to fear, as did Phineas to those of the forest. They all agreed to stand together and fight the real evil. With all of them together, all "believe in magic", the rangers' powers are restored stronger then ever.

People of Briarwood and the magical creatures now life in peace. Humans help rebuild the Woodland village. One of the mystical creatures even becomes a Rock Porium employee.
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