: Kelson Henderson as Phineas.
Kelson Henderson also played as Boom in Power Rangers SPD.

: Phineas is a smelly creature of the magical realm. He is a Troblin (half-goblin/half-troll) who is hated on both sides so he wanders the forest on his own. It seems that he likes to talk to himself.

Episode 17: Phineas accidentally tells Udonna and Daggeron that he had left a baby in the human would 20 years ago, Udonna's son Bowen. "When Daggeron and Calindor were having their little dispute 20 years ago I found a baby, yeah, but with the great battle going on I knew I couldn't care for him my self so I took him to the human world. I left him somewhere save." They decide to keep this a secret even from the rangers to help make sure that the dark forces don't find out that Bowen is still alive.

Episode 25: Phineas helps Nick, the Light, realize that without him all would be lost and that he has the power to defeat the darkness and save everyone.

Episode 28: Leelee, Phineas and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress from Hekatoid. We learn that Phineas can fight as he defeats four Styxoids on his own. He even wipes the floor with one of them. Leelee and Phineas like each other.

Episode 29: The three rescue Udonna.

Episode 30: Phineas and Leelee have become boyfriend and girlfriend; Phineas becomes an employee at Rock Porium.

Episode 31: With Phineas as an employee at the Rock Porium, there have been no customers for days. People are affrayed.

Toby regretfully fires Phineas, telling him how terrible business has been since he started working there because the customers don't know him like they do so they are affrayed of him. The store is Toby's "life man". Phineas takes off his store employee shirt and walks out.

Episode 32: The Master returns, but the rangers no longer have magic to fight back and defend themselves. Toby shows up with some people of the city, and Phineas shows up with ones from the forest. Toby had told the people that the ones from the forest are not the ones to fear, as did Phineas to those of the forest. They all agreed to stand together and fight the real evil. With all of them together, all "believe in magic", the rangers' powers are restored stronger then ever.

Phineas gets his job back.
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