Supreme Master

: The Master (John Leigh (voice)).

: The supreme master of the underworld within the magical dimension awakened at the end of episode 3.

Episode 22: The Rangers are sent to the underworld pit. Imperious uses his dark magic to drain the rangers' legend power for the Master to rise up and conquer.

Episode 23: The Rangers escape with the help from Leanbow.

Leanbow informs Udonna and the five about what happened with him behind the gates. In the last battle of the great war, Leanbow had closed the gates to the underworld and fought through to the Master. Leanbow's plan had worked, the Master was sent into the depths, but he used the last of his dark magic to take Leanbow with him and turn Leanbow into Koragg, the Knight Wolf -- his most obedient soldier. Koragg had no memory of his previous life and everything he did was for the Master. Leanbow remembers everything now and states that it must be because of the virus that infected his Titan Mode when he absorbed it from the Manticore Megazord, it began to break the memory spell.

The rangers' Legend Warrior power had given the Master enough energy to rise up from the depths. The Master rises from the underworld and Leanbow sacrifices himself to bring the Master back into the depths, although Udonna is sure that Leanbow is still alive. Leanbow uses his "Mystic Force Fire Strike" attack on the Master. The Master destroys the pit while trying to keep himself above.

Episode 24: In the decimated pit, Necrolai finds "The Book of Prophecy" amongst the ruins. The Book of Prophecy flies away and Necrolai tumbles into the Inner Sanctum. within the Inner Sanctum chamber, Necrolai encounters the 10 Terrors of the underworld.

Episode 29: Sculpin stabs Leanbow Knight in the back with his Trident and takes the Master out of him. Leanbow looses Koragg's armor and is transformed back to his Ancient Mystic form. Koragg is defeated.

Episode 30: The Master returns. He shows Daggeron his future. It's shown that Daggeron will be destroyed. "You will perish, as will Solaris Knight. Have a look into your future. And then, one by one, you will fall, as will your world."

Episode 31: While the Master fully charges, Nick and Leanbow train to prepare for the final battle. Unfortunately, Nick is not ready. Baring through the Stone of Judgment, the Master selects Itassis to conquer the surface world. Necrolai reveals that she actually does care for her daughter when she says to Itassis that Leelee is on the surface world. Itassis tells her that she will be spared but Sculpin tells her no, if she chooses to live with humans she deserves to perish with them.

With Phineas as an employee at the Rock Porium, there have been no customers for days. People are affrayed.

Itassis Battles the Legend warriors. They feed her words of truth, Itassis had said to them she is only after knowledge, but is just a puppet of the Master and doesn't have the courage to make her own decisions. Itassis leaves the battle.

Sculpin and Black Lance order Necrolai to take them to Itassis. Sculpin and Black Lance punish Itassis for betraying the Master. But Itassis first tells them that they will never defeat the rangers because the rangers have a weapon that they don't, courage. Itassis is defeated.

The Master sets foot in disappointment of the Terrors, destroying the Stone of Judgment. The Master begins his attack, starting with the Light. Back at RootCore, Nick, training by himself, becomes possessed by the Master's dark magic.

The Woodland village is destroyed by puppet Bowen. Bowen(Nick) attacks Leanbow and transforms into Koragg. Koragg and Wolf Warrior battle. Koragg transports Wolf Warrior and himself inside RootCore. They trash the inside of RootCore then return to the Woodland village. Leanbow reaches  him and Nick is returned to normal.

Toby regretfully fires Phineas, telling him how terrible business has been since he started working there because the customers don't know him like they do so they are affrayed of him. The store is Toby's "life man". Phineas takes off his store employee shirt and walks out.

Back in RootCore, Clare, Leanbow, Daggeron and Udonna start cleaning the place when suddenly the Snow Prince appears with terrible news. The Master has destroyed their realm, the magical source has been attacked, the Mystic Mother -- The empress of all good magic, known as Rita Repulsa in the dark days. She now uses her power to fight all that is evil. Mystic Mother said to the Master, "You are given me a headache!" The Master destroyed the Mystic Mother's strongest spell then destroyed her palace. The Mystic Mother sent the Snow Prince to warn them as she is being defeated. Udonna says that if the Mystic Mother is gone, no one will be able to stop the Master.

Leanbow and Daggeron leave to find out if the Mystic Mother is still alive. Black Lance attacks the city with his two stallions and his chariot. He is intercepted by the Manticore Megazord. The chariot is destroyed by the Legend Striker, Spin Attack. Sculpin awaits and observes the battle as he is encountered by the White Mystic Ranger. Wolf Warrior and Solaris Knight arrive at the decimated palace and are greeted by the Master. Black Lance takes out the Manticore Megazord and the team becomes demorphed. the White Mystic Ranger is also stopped. The Master devours their Knight powers. Eating good magic only makes him stronger. The Master defeats Daggeron. Sculpin fires upon the team but Jenji jumps in and takes the hit. Jenji is defeated. Sculpin takes Udonna into the underworld.

Episode 32: Red destroys Black Lance's shield with his Magi Staff Striker. The five Mystic Rangers combine forming a Mystic Spell Seal and destroy Black Lance.

The Master arrives at the city and drops the two fallen knights, Leanbow and Daggeron, in front of the rangers. Then he envisions them in the future to show them what their world will become when he takes over. The world is covered in darkness, the ocean is nothing more than a desert wasteland, volcanos formed and no humans. The brave defenders give it their all, they form the Manticore Megazord. The Master devours their legend powers and destroys the Manticore Megazord. The rangers hide in a cave. Nick again is ready to just give up and surrender to the Master but Maddy steps forward and convinces him that giving up is not an option. The Master enters the cave. Red calls forth the good magic still left in the world and in his body then attacks with both his Magi Staff Striker and Mystic Lion Staff. Red shatters the Master's head armor. Red then strikes the Master, stabbing him and forcing him to release them back to reality.

The team have lost their magic. The Snow Prince and Clare appear. Mystic Mother made Clare a full Sorceress. Just before the Master attacked Mystic Mother she cast a spell and turned herself into energy. Mystic Mother is still alive. Udonna appears and informs the Master that the pit no longer exist. Both Necrolai and Itassis also appear. Necrolai had revived Itassis. Itassis informs the Master that she has destroyed Sculpin. "This puppet has cut the strings!" Itassis blasts the Master away. Leelee arrives at the scene. Necrolai uses the rest of her energy to revive Leanbow and Daggeron. Jenji also returns. Necrolai becomes human. Xander, "Leelee's mom is hot!"

The Master returns, but they no longer have magic to fight back and defend themselves. Mystic Mother tells them they are never without magic, they just need to know where to find it. Toby shows up with some people of the city, and Phineas shows up with ones from the forest. Toby had told the people that the ones from the forest are not the ones to fear, as did Phineas to those of the forest. They all agreed to stand together and fight the real evil. With all of them together, all "believe in magic", the rangers' powers are restored stronger then ever.

"Wolf Warrior!"
"Solaris Knight!"
"White Mystic Ranger!"
"Green Mystic Ranger!"
"Pink Mystic Ranger!"
"Blue Mystic Ranger!"
"Yellow Mystic Ranger!"
"Red Mystic Ranger!"

"We call forth the magic! Together as one! United for all time! Power Rangers Mystic Force!"

They combine their magic and fire upon the Master. The Master devours the magic but it just keeps on coming. Red, "There is no end to our magic!" The Master devours to much good magic. The Master is destroyed.

Humans help rebuild the Woodland village. Nick prepares to leave town to go see his adopted parents for awhile. Madison tells him that she wants him to come back for her. Nick gives her his red baby blanket then takes off on his motorcycle. Toby and human Necrolai, Nikki, are now dating. Leelee and her mom now live in the city in a new condo. Phineas gets his job back. Xander still pretends he is manager. Vida turns her hair all pink. Matoombo is alive and DJs with Vida. Nick leaves town with Udonna and Leanbow on their motorcycles. "You are now leaving Briarwood!" Xenotome, "The End!"
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