: Necrolai (Donogh Rees (voice)).

: Necrolai is the dark mistress of the underworld who can fly to and from the surface world through the dark gate. She explores the human realm and reports back to the underworld. She helps keep an eye on things. Necrolai is Queen of Vampires which makes her invincible, unable to be destroyed.

Episode 6: Morticon gives Necrolai a Crossbow to fire upon Koragg for his disloyalty.

Episode 8: Vida is turned into a Vampire.

Episode 9: The rangers learn from Koragg that Necrolai is the one responsible for turning Vida into a Vampire. Chip creates a Dawn Crystal to destroy Necrolai, but she uses Vida (Pink) as a body guard. Necrolai is defeated by the Dawn Crystal attached to yellow's Magi Staff Crossbow Mode then red's, green's, blue's, and yellow's Magi Staffs' combined powers at full, a surging spin attack, and Vida is returned to normal. Later that night, Necrolai returns and destroys the Dawn Crystal.

Leelee is Necrolai's daughter.

Episode 11: The Master gives Koragg more power, then Koragg gives some of the dark magic to Necrolai which she then forms two new weapons. Her new powers are depleted by the Gatekeeper.

Episode 17: Koragg gives his dark magic to Imperious to prove that he can battle fine without it. Imperious forms Koragg's power into a wand, a Dark Mystic Morpher, and gives it to Necrolai. It can't be used for Necrolai to turn herself into a ranger though.

Episode 21: Koragg takes his magic back away from Necrolai.

Episode 22: Koragg sends the rangers to the underworld pit. Leelee shows herself to be in the pit as well and the rangers think that she was captured too. But then both Necrolai and Leelee reveal to them that Leelee is Necrolai's daughter. leelee wants to keep them as pets.

Episode 31: Baring through the Stone of Judgment, the Master selects Itassis to conquer the surface world. Necrolai reveals that she actually does care for her daughter when she says to Itassis that Leelee is on the surface world. Itassis tells her that she will be spared but Sculpin tells her no, if she chooses to live with humans she deserves to perish with them.

Itassis Battles the Legend warriors. They feed her words of truth, Itassis had said to them she is only after knowledge, but is just a puppet of the Master and doesn't have the courage to make her own decisions. Itassis leaves the battle.

Sculpin and Black Lance order Necrolai to take them to Itassis. Sculpin and Black Lance punish Itassis for betraying the Master. But Itassis first tells them that they will never defeat the rangers because the rangers have a weapon that they don't, courage. Itassis is defeated.

Necrolai revives Itassis.

Episode 32: Necrolai becomes human after reviving Leanbow and Daggeron. Toby and human Necrolai, Nikki, are now dating. Leelee and her mom now live in the city in a new condo.
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