Snow Staff

Came In Episode: 1.

Information: The Snow Staff could send out energy blasts of light and freeze it's enemies. The White Mystic Ranger was owner of the Snow Staff, but when she was defeated in episode 2, the Snow Staff was stolen by Koragg, the Knight Wolf.

Episode 5: Koragg learns he can use the Snow Staff to communicate with Nick telepathically.

Episode 11: Koragg captures Udonna.

Episode 12: Udonna uses her magic to channel her Snow Staff and aids the rangers alongside the Titan Megazord using the energy of the White Mystic Ranger against Morticon. The Titan Saber froze Morticon's weapon. Morticon is destroyed by the "Mystic Strike" attack. Udonna then uses her Snow Staff to free herself from Koragg's orb. Koragg doesn't allow her to take back her Snow Staff but lets her leave the pit with her life instead.

Episode 27: Hekatoid captures Udonna.

Episode 28: Leelee, Phineas and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress.

Episode 29: Leelee had brought Udonna's Snow Staff with her and they rescue Udonna. The Legend Warriors use Code 2 on their Mystic Lion Staffs and combine their powers with the return of the White Mystic Ranger and her Snow Staff, "Legend Warriors United Formation".
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