Leelee Pimvare

: Leelee Pimvare (Holly Shanahan).
Episodes: 2,4,5,8,9,10,11,13,17,18,20, 22,23,24,25,26,28,29,30,31,32

: Leelee was a stuck up girl who only cared for herself. She is Necrolai's daughter. She made herself a regular at the Rock Porium shop to spy on the rangers and try to brake them apart.

Episode 22: Koragg sends the rangers to the underworld pit. Leelee shows herself to be in the pit as well and the rangers think that she was captured too. But then both Necrolai and Leelee reveal to them that Leelee is Necrolai's daughter. leelee wants to keep them as pets.

Leelee asks Necrolai if they will be alright.

Episode 24: Leelee leaves the pit, and her mother, to live with the humans. Leelee becomes an employee at Rock Porium.

Episode 25: Leelee just wants to be like everyone else and would like to be friends with the rangers but they don't trust her. With the rangers' absence from their job at the Rock Porium, Toby decides to give the Rockployee award to Leelee instead of Nick.

Episode 26: Leelee is upset, concerned that she will never have any friends and her Mom Necrolai is to busy with the Terrors to even care if she is alive. The Book of Prophecy flies to her, allowing her to read what's going to happen to her. But unfortunately what she reads is something she doesn't want -- The Book of Prophecy says that Leelee will become Queen of the Vampires.

Episode 28: Nick is a little harsh on Leelee, he tells her to stop trying to be their friend because they will never trust her knowing that she is Necrolai's daughter. Necrolai tells Leelee that if she doesn't want to follow in her footsteps, to become the Queen of the Vampires, Necrolai will no longer consider Leelee as her daughter. Leelee, Phineas and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress from Hekatoid. Leelee and Phineas like each other.

Episode 29: Leelee had brought Udonna's Snow Staff with her and the three rescue Udonna. Back at RootCore, the team finally accept Leelee as their friend.

Episode 30: Phineas and Leelee have become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Episode 31: Leelee wears glasses.

Episode 32: Necrolai becomes human; Leelee and her mom now live in the city in a new condo.
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