: Niella (Antonia Prebble, also plays as Clare and played as Krista from DinoThunder, and voice of Nova Ranger from SPD.)
Episode: 11

: Udonna informs the rangers about the Gatekeeper: "The Gatekeeper was a powerful Sorceress named Niella, she was my sister. Niella cast a spell that sealed the gate and banished Morticon and his armies to the underworld. The spell was so strong that it depleted all of her life force. When the gate was lowered to the depths Niella was gone, but her spirit lives on in my heart and through the legacy of her Air. Niella's daughter and the Air to the Gatekeeper's power is Clare!"

Niella had an "Ancient Mystic Mode" warrior form called the "Shining Moon Warrior". Niella's armored form can battle giant. Clare used Niella's Gatekeeper powers in episodes 11 and 12, "Power of the Shining Moon, behold the Gatekeeper!". In episode 11 Clare used Niella's warrior form, "Magic of the Shining Moon Warrior!". Niella is seen in her Shining Moon Warrior form for the first time in a backstory flashback of the great battle in episode 22.
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