Imperious / Calindor

: Imperious, Dark Wizard of the underworld (Stuart Devenie (voice)), Calindor (Will Hall).

: With Morticon destroyed, Imperious is now in command. His powers are much more dangerous.

Imperious was sealed inside a sea cave as a little figurine Statue for 19 years. He was retrieved by Necrolai and brought to the pit where he was then given a new body by the Master.

Imperious battled the rangers and showed them that they were no match against his dark magic. He grew at a size much greater then even the Megazords. They tried their Ancient Titans attack but were hit out of the sky, so they tried again. Jenji the Cat Genie wished that he wasn't such a scaredy cat then granted his own wish and became the same size as Imperious to help the rangers. Imperious was weakened by the Ancient Titans attack. Imperious then tried to attack them again but found that his magic was still weak from his time in the cave, and so he left to recharge.

Episode 14: The rangers encounter another one of Udonna's old friends, Calindor, a warrior who fought in the great battle many years ago against the dark forces. But turns out during the great battle, Calindor had betrayed the Mystics and attacked Daggeron with dark magic...Phineas was there and saw the whole thing.

Calindor reveals himself to be Imperious, the new Dark Wizard of the underworld.

Daggeron informs Udonna about what happened, "I was running through the woods when Calindor attacked, the dark magic had overtaken him. Strong, evil, I hardly recognized him. When it was over we were both cursed and trapped in a magical cave!"

Episode 18: Imperious uses forbidden magic to summon the four barbarian beasts from the oblivion which have no honor and have no place fighting for the Master. Imperious reveals to Fightoe and 50 Below that he has his own plans and that the Master is no longer a part of his plans, which he plans to overthrow the Master. He sends Fightoe and 50 Below to defeat Koragg but they do not finish him off completely.

Episode 21: Imperious tries again to get rid of Koragg by this time putting him on trail before the Master for treason since Koragg never destroys the rangers every time he has the chance to. Koragg convinces the Master that he only fights with honor and that someone like Imperious who has no honor can't be trusted.

Imperious can turn his hand fan weapon into a Staff.

Episode 22: Imperious attempts to destroy the Master with a potion, a vial of poison acid but is interrupted as Koragg walks in on him. Imperious drops the vial on the ground and tells Koragg that he was just working on a potion. Koragg tells him, "Nothing that happens in this pit escapes me... And when the Master raises I will be his first in command and you will answer to me, remember that!" Imperious realizes that he will never be able to destroy the Master with Koragg around so he decides to gain his favor instead.

Solaris battles Imperious alone in the dimension of wandering souls. Imperious battles the Solar Streak Megazord. Solaris uses the "Furnace Blast" attack but unfortunately it is what Imperious wanted him to do. Imperious absorbs and contains all the energy from the attack and the Megazord with his staff. Solaris is forced out of the megazord. Imperious had stolen Daggeron's Megazord power, but it's power is to strong for even him to handle. Imperious then uses a forbidden spell to resurrect the souls of all the warriors that Lienbow ever defeated and summons the Chimera, a Dark Beast that possesses the strength of all those warriors combined.

Chimera joins Koragg's battle in the human realm against the Legend Warriors. Chimera orders Koragg to send the rangers to the underworld pit and so he does. Imperious uses his dark magic to drain the rangers' legend power for the Master to rise up and conquer. Udonna tries to rescue the rangers from the pit but the Master grabs her with his dark energy and Udonna slowly looses her life.

As Koragg sees that Udonna is about to be destroyed, he has more memory flashbacks and realizes who he really is. Koragg strikes the Master which saves Udonna and breaks the Master's control over him. Koragg is finally revealed as Lienbow, Udonna's husband.

It seems that Lienbow was both Daggeron's and Calindor's mentor.

When the great battle was taken to the surface world, Udonna knew that the forces of darkness would be after her child, Bowen. As Daggeron left with Bowen, running through the woods to get him to safety, he was attacked by Calindor. Calindor also tried to get the baby. Phineas had found the baby and brought him to the safety of the human world.

Episode 23: Imperious fires a blast of his dark energy at Lienbow but Lienbow counters it then uses a spell to transport Udonna, the five, and himself out of the pit and back to the surface world.

Calindor(Imperious) and Daggeron bound battle in their Ancient Mystic forms -- Sword-to-sword only, no magic, and with jenji as the referee. Calindor cheats and uses magic against Daggeron. Daggeron is turned back into his human form and Calindor turns himself back into Imperious to finish him off. Daggeron counters his attack and destroys Imperious. But before Imperious turned to sand he said that with his destruction a terror will be unleashed.
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