Solaris Knight

: Daggeron (played by
John Tui (Anubis "Doggie" Cruger and Sargeant Silverback (SPD)))
Age: Unknown
Symbol: Knight.
Morph Call: Magical Source
Mystic Force!

Weaponry: Solar Cell Morpher,
Tickets, Laser Lamp, Jenji, Ancient Mystic Mode and Sword
Vehicle: Flying Carpet
Zords: Solar Train, Solar Streak Megazord
Mystical Power: Sun.
Information: Daggeron, the Solaris Knight, fought along side the Mystics in the great battle years ago. But when Daggeron was running through the woods he was attacked by his friend Calindor, who also fought the dark forces, which dark magic had overtaken him. Strong, evil, Daggeron hardly recognized him. When it was over they were both cursed and trapped in a magical sea cave. Daggeron was turned into a frog.

When the rangers retrieved the Laser Lamp 19 years later from the sea cave that was sealed by magic to keep evil out, the energy field around the cave was broken and Necrolai was able to enter to take a figurine Statue (Calindor) which was taken to the pit where he was then given a new body by the Master. Calindor becomes Imperious, Dark Wizard of the underworld.

The frog from the sea cave fallowed the rangers. When Jester was about to attack Madison, the frog jumped on him and saved her. Madison then kissed the frog and the frog turned back into Udonna's old friend Daggeron.

Daggeron uses his Solar Cell Morpher to punch a ticket to morph into the Solaris Knight.

"Power of the Sun!"

Daggeron has become the rangers' teacher to help train with magic and skills.

While training to be a knight, Daggeron was "taught by the best", Udonna's husband Leanbow, who was the red Mystic Wizard who sacrificed himself closing the gates of the underworld. Daggeron is now training Chip to be a Knight.

Episode 27: Solaris Knight uses his Sword.

Episode 31: Solaris Knight summons a powerful energy sphere spell and fires upon the Master, "Sun Spell!"
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