Legend Mode and Mystic Lion Staffs

Morph Call: "Legendary Source, Mystic Force", "Galwit-Mysto-Nermax"
Episode: 20.

Information: The Tribunal of Magic rewards the rangers when they learn that the easy way isn't always the best way.

"Power of Light Magic!"

In Legend Mode the rangers' elemental powers are increased and the Mystic Lion Staffs are summoned to aid the "Mystic Force Legend Warriors".

The Mystic Lion Staffs have 5 codes which each does something different.

Code 1: Element Attack.
Code 2: "Legend Warriors United Formation"
Code 3: Red turns into the Mystic Firebird.
Code 4: Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow turn into the Mystic Lion.
Code 5: Manticore Megazord.

Green's Elemental attack used, "Rockslide".
Pink's Elemental attack used, "Whirlwind".
Blue's Elemental attack used, "Tidal Wave".
Yellow's Elemental attack used, "Lightning Bolt".
Red's Elemental attack used, "Fire Storm".

They can also combine their code 1 element attacks.

Episode 21: Blue and Pink used their element attack together; Red uses his Mystic Lion Staff to launch a fire ground blast attack; They use Code 2, "Legend Warriors United Formation", without the Green Legend Warrior.

Episode 26: Red and Pink combine their jewel power, "Legend Warriors, Jewel Magic Blast!"

Episode 27: The Legend Warriors use Code 2 on their Mystic Lion Staffs and combine their magic with the Snow Prince, "Mystic Force Fury".

Episode 28: Yellow Legend Warrior transforms his Mystic Lion Staff into a "Crossbow Staff" and fires a powerful "Lightning Bolt"; It's revealed that Code 5 is for forming the Manticore Megazord.

Episode 29: The Legend Warriors use Code 2 on their Mystic Lion Staffs and combine their powers with the White Mystic Ranger, "Legend Warriors United Formation".

Episode 30: Pink creates a Vortex using her Mystic Lion Staff to transport Gekkor out of the Solar Streak, "Magi Staff, Energy Vortex!"
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