Ancient Mystic Mode

Information: Lienbow, Daggeron, Niella, and Calindor each had the power to turn themselves into a powerful warrior in the great battle. Lienbow, Daggeron and Calindor still have the power to do so but Niella lost her life after sealing the gates with a spell and sending it back to the underworld.

Niella's armored form is called the "Shining Moon Warrior" and can battle giant. Clare used Niella's Gatekeeper powers in episodes 11 and 12, "Power of the Shining Moon, behold the Gatekeeper!". In episode 11 Clare used Niella's warrior form, "Magic of the Shining Moon Warrior!". Niella is seen in her Shining Moon Warrior form for the first time in a backstory flashback of the great battle in episode 22.

Daggeron's and Calindor's warrior forms were shown in episode 14, though you could barely see Calindor's warrior form in episode 13 when he was receiving his new form by the Master to become Imperious, and Daggeron's warrior form is only shown in his morphing video when he becomes the Solaris Knight. Daggeron's warrior form is shown in a backstory flashback of the great battle in episode 22.

Lienbow's warrior form is shown for the first time in episode 22, both in the flashback and after Koragg is finally demorphed.

The name of their warrior forms are finally revealed in episode 22, "Ancient Mystic Mode".

Episode 23: Daggeron uses his Ancient Mystic Mode to bound battle Calindor(Imperious).

Episode 25: Daggeron morphs from Knight mode to Ancient Mystic Mode. All powered up, he does a self strike attack through Megahorn.

Episode 27: Solaris Knight uses his Sword; Daggeron battles as Solaris Knight until he is fully charged by the sun then turns himself into his Ancient Mystic form to deliver a powerful attack, as he did last time in battle against Megahorn, this time he fires multiple blasts of energy.
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