10 Terrors

: 10 Terrors - (Derek Judge (voice of Black Lance) - Dallas Barnett (voice of Megahorn) - Peter Daube (voice of Sculpin) - Josephine Davison (voice of Itassis) - Sally Stockwell (voice of Serpentina) - Charlie McDermott (voice of Hekatoid) - Andrew Laing (voice of Oculous) - Greg Smith (voice of Magma) - Cameron Rhodes (voice of Matoombo) - Mark Ferguson (voice of Gekkor)).
Arrived in Episode: 24

: In the decimated pit, Necrolai finds "The Book of Prophecy" amongst the ruins. The Book of Prophecy flies away and Necrolai tumbles into the Inner Sanctum. within the Inner Sanctum chamber, Necrolai encounters the 10 Terrors of the underworld -- 10 extremely powerful giant sized beasts who follows the rules of darkness. Necrolai informs them that the Light has been found, the Red Mystic Ranger, and that the Master has been sealed away once again. Their law say, all who stand in the way of dark magic must be punished. So the 10 Terrors decide that it is now time for them to make their presence known.

The 10 Terrors introduce themselves to the Surface world in search for the Light. The rangers form the Manticore Megazord but are taken out with just one strike.

When the sky is filled of darkness, the evil forces' powers and strength are increased.

The 10 Terrors prepare for the selection ceremony which the Stone of Judgment will choose which one of the ten will be the one to seek vengeance on the human world and destroy the Light.

The Stone of Judgment can transport the Terrors to the surface world just by walking through it and allows them to view battles.

Magma (Episode 24): Magma is first to be selected for the job. He sets fire upon a signal tower and tells the humans that they have until the flames go out before he seeks his vengeance. Solar Streak Megazord engages Magma but is no match. Magma is immune to fire attacks. Magma then makes himself human size and battles Solaris. Solaris' magic has no effect on him. The others help Solaris but none of them are able to stop him. Magma leaves the scene.

The signal tower is destroyed and Magma returns to deliver the punishment. He summons his "Volcanic Force" attack, creating a giant lava ball which when dropped would destroy the whole city. But before he could finish, before the hills erupted with lava, he was intercepted bye the Legend Warriors. Magma then creates a game for them. He sets fire to a radio tower and hands them the rules. If He defeats all of them before the flame goes out he win, but if even one of them still remains then they win. Still their attacks seem to have no effect on him. Then Blue steps in and uses her "Tidal Wave" attack and Magma is weakened. But unfortunately it only turns him back into his giant form. They form the Manticore Megazord but again is no match because it only delivers fire attacks. The flame goes out and Magma looses. Magma's heat fades and the leader of the 10 Terrors, Sculpin, finishes him off with his Trident. The rules of darkness show no mercy and must be followed to assure the Master's return.

Episode 25: Megahorn and Serpentina are against the Stone rules and want to destroy their enemies at all costs. Daggeron takes Jenji to the opaque dimension to help him train. Megahorn goes against the rules and attacks Daggeron. Megahorn almost destroys Daggeron but Itassis intercepts his finishing attack and they both return to the underworld.

Oculous (Attacks in ep. 25): Oculous is second to be selected by the Stone of Judgment. His game to capture the Light is to demolecularize the other four one by one using his lasers and if he doesn't have them by sundown he will surrender. Oculous enters a dimension which allows him to follow and hunt down the rangers wherever they may go. He fires upon the rangers in different directions. Oculous manages to injure Nick's leg and demolecularize Xander, Vida, Madison, then Chip. Nick tries to surrender in hopes that Oculous will let his friends go but Phineas saves him from a laser attack and helps him realize that he has the power to defeat the darkness and save everyone, and without him there is no hope.

Nick finally realizes his connection to Fire Heart. Red Legend Warrior combines with Fire Heart and becomes the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. After destroying an army of Hidiacs and Styxoids, Oculous is easily destroyed and the team is returned.

Episode 26: Serpentina is third to be selected by the Stone of Judgment. Necrolai manages to get her hands on The Book of Prophecy again before it could fly away. As she reads about what has happened this far, how the first two Terrors have been destroyed, lady Serpentina walks in and grabs the book. Serpentina reads that she is next to be chosen and will be destroyed by the rules of Darkness. The Book of Prophecy flies away. The toad Hekatoid walks into the room and Serpentina makes him go to the surface world, going against the rules, to prevent the rangers from morphing before she is chosen to destroy them. Itassis had been watching her.

Hekatoid manages to squeeze wart slime juice onto Red and Pink. The Stone of Judgment calls him back for the selection ceremony to begin. Serpentina is selected and Megahorn becomes furious that he wasn't chosen again. Sculpin finds it strange that there has been no signs of the Master's life force and wonders if someone is interfering.

Sculpin uses the Lake of Lament to show him the Master, but the water image that appears above is not of the Master but of the Knight who attacked the Master, Leanbow with Koragg's armor. Leanbow is keeping the Master from rising.

Serpentina (Attacks in ep. 26): Serpentina unleashes her army of venomous snakes upon the city. Solaris Knight pilots his Solar Streak Megazord to try and stop Serpentina but again Daggeron seems useless against the Terrors. The team joins the battle but Nick and V are unable to morph so the other three change into their Titan Modes. Nick and V use a spell to throw Serpentina off balance. Serpentina then tries to destroy the two but Solaris saves them. Solaris uses "Jenji Shining Attack" but Serpentina uses her shield to stop Jenji and sics a snake upon him. The snake bites Jenji, Serpentina activates her shield, Jenji quickly returns to his lamp, then the bite takes effect and Jenji is turned to stone. Serpentina tells them that soon her snakes will bite everyone in the human world and when her shield activates they will all turn to stone.

The rangers follow Serpentina into her S-S-S-Serpent dimension. She turns herself into a snake and swallows green, blue, yellow, and Solaris whole.

Serpentina returns to the human world to finish off Nick and V. Itassis makes it possible for the two to morph again, making the fight now within the laws. Red becomes the Red Dragon Fire Ranger and uses his final attack. Serpentina isn't destroyed by the attack but the rangers and Solaris are freed from her belly. She makes herself normal giant size again to save herself and to swallow them all. They form the Manticore Megazord and Solaris forms his Megazord once again. Serpentina summons snakes covering the whole city but before she could activate her shield, Daggeron finally proves to be not useless against all ten Terrors by using the Solar Streak Megazord "Furnace Blast" attack to destroy her shield, which also destroys all the snakes. Serpentina turns herself back into a snake and raps herself around the Manticore Megazord's staff. They use "Fire Tornado" to spin her away and she is destroyed by the Legend Striker, Spin Attack. Jenji is returned to normal.

Episode 27: Megahorn's wish finally comes true, he is selected by the Stone of Judgment to destroy the rangers. Sculpin uses the Lake of Lament to show him the one who guards the Master from rising, Leanbow with Koragg's armor. Sculpin reveals to Leanbow through the water that Megahorn is about to destroy the surface world, hoping it would draw him out.

Megahorn (First attacked Daggeron in ep. 25; selected in ep. 27): Megahorn changes to a super Terror dragon flight mode expanding his neck and wings. The rangers form the Manticore Megazord but it's attacks have no effect on his armor. Megahorn takes flight and fires a powerful fireball upon the Manticore Megazord and the team is blasted out of Legend Mode. Solaris/Solar Streak Megazord stands by as they form the Mystic Titans Dragon Formation and attack Megahorn while at the same time buildings are being destroyed by the attacks. Nick(Red Titan) tells Solaris that he is trying to find a weak spot. Red jump kicks the back of Megahorn's neck and finds that it is a weak spot, but then Megahorn blasts him out of Titan Mode and Nick is demorphed. Daggeron joins Nick as the others are blasted out of the sky. Megahorn makes himself their size, no longer in super mode, to finish them off. The Snow Prince comes to their aid.

The Snow Prince battles Megahorn but his skills are weaker outside his dimension so he transports Megahorn into his battlefield by using his "Ancient Spell Seal". Sculpin orders Black Lance to prepare going to the surface world. The Legend Warriors use Code 2 on their Mystic Lion Staffs and combine their magic with the Snow Prince, "Mystic Force Fury", but even that has no effect on Megahorn. Megahorn breaks out of that dimension.

Solaris battles Megahorn alone using his sword from his Ancient Mode. Sculpin gives Necrolai one of his scales. Daggeron battles as Solaris Knight until he is fully charged by the sun then turns himself into his Ancient Mystic form and delivers a powerful attack, as he tried last time he battled Megahorn. This time he fires multiple blasts of energy and one of them hits the back of Megahorn's neck. Daggeron now remembers that Nick was searching for a weak spot and now knows where he must concentrate all of his attacks. Daggeron power strikes the neck multiple times with his sword then strikes the front with a powerful blow. Megahorn has no choice, he returns to his giant form.

Black Lance joins Megahorn against the Megazords. He summons his chariot of two stallions and rides into battle. Megahorn changes back into flight mode. Leanbow arrives with Catastros to help the rangers from being destroyed. He jumps on the chariot behind Black Lance and strikes one of the wheels off destroying the whole chariot. Leanbow forms Centaurus Wolf Megazord and uses "the power of good magic, Mystic Spell Seal", against Black Lance but it doesn't destroy him. Necrolai throws Sculpin's scale at Koragg's armor, at one of the wolf head shoulders. Leanbow leaves the battle but takes Black Lance back into the underworld. Solar Streak Megazord holds Megahorn in place long enough for the rangers to blast his weak spot with the "Legend Striker, Spin Attack" which takes him out of flight mode then Solar Streak Megazord finishes him off using the "Furnace Blast" attack.

Sculpin informs the other Terrors that his scale will tell him where to find Leanbow.

Udonna and Clare find the Lake of Lament. Hekatoid attacks and captures Udonna.

Episode 28: Hekatoid is selected by the Stone of Judgment. He didn't want to be selected yet, he just wants to eat, eat, eat. Nick is a little harsh on Leelee, he tells her to stop trying to be their friend because they will never trust her knowing that she is Necrolai's daughter. Clare informs Daggeron that Udonna, the Mother of the Light, has been captured by Hekatoid.

Hekatoid (First attacked in ep. 26,27; selected in ep. 28,29): Hekatoid unleashes poisonous tadpoles into the clouds above the city which when all grown into frogs they will rain down and rule the surface world. Hekatoid uses his Hammer Horn weapon to send the rangers into his dimension.

Sculpin orders Necrolai to use a scale to track down Leanbow. Necrolai tells Leelee that if she doesn't want to follow in her footsteps, to become the Queen of the Vampires, Necrolai will no longer consider Leelee as her daughter.

The Rangers enter Hekatoid's dimension. Hekatoid begins his game, the rangers defeat a small army of Hidiacs and Styxoids before time ran out on a clock. But in the process, Hekatoid made four of the rangers unable to move forcing red to defeat the remaining foot soldiers alone.

Solaris forms the Solar Streak Megazord and uses the Furnace Blast attack against the poisonous tadpoles in the sky. Necrolai locates Leanbow within a cave of the Inner Sanctum then reports back to Sculpin. Leanbow kept himself invisible but Sculpin's scale revealed him.

The next part of Hekatoid's game, by copying the rangers he creates five Dark Mystic Rangers. Dark Red turns Green, Pink and Red into dice but Blue and Yellow manage to defeat the five Dark Rangers with their Legend power. Dark Pink and Blue had combined to form a giant frog but Maddy Blue called her Legend power and destroyed the giant frog with her Tidal Wave attack. Yellow Legend Warrior defeated the other three using the Crossbow Staff Lightning Bolt attack.

Hekatoid takes the rangers to Udonna and the three are returned to normal, no longer dice. Leelee, Phineas, and Clare team up to save the White Sorceress. Sculpin brings with him Gekkor and Matoombo to take down Leanbow and retrieve the Master. Sculpin shatters the outer barrier that kept giant Leanbow Knight Wolf invisible and undetectable even when he used magic. The Rangers form the Manticore Megazord. Hekatoid opens a portal back to the surface and escapes with Udonna. The Rangers manage to get to the portal and hold it open before it closed on them.

Episode 29: The team (Manticore Megazord) makes it through the portal back to the surface. Leelee, Phineas and Clare enter the cave of where Udonna should be. Gekkor battles Leanbow Knight Wolf and we learn that Gekkor has a speed ability. Itassis observes Hekatoid's battle with the Manticore Megazord. The team manage to make Hekatoid release Udonna from his grasp but before they could catch her, Hekatoid uses his tongue and tosses her away from them. They spring after Udonna but Hekatoid spits black gunk which captures her before the team could save her. Hekatoid then escapes with the rangers' morphing powers and returns to the cave with Udonna.

Gekkor is struck hard by Leanbow Knight Wolf. Sculpin orders Gekkor to stop and has Matoombo step in. Tall slow Matoombo reveals that he also has a speed ability and is very strong, powerful. He brings Leanbow to his knee. Leelee, Phineas and Clare find Hekatoid's food. They spot Hekatoid coming in their direction with Udonna but he is to busy stuffing his face to notice them there. Clare uses a spell to make themselves vanish. Hekatoid views his poisonous tadpoles, wondering why his babies haven't fallen yet, and finds that the Solar Streak Megazord is destroying them. Hekatoid goes after Solaris.

Clare uses a spell to make the cage Udonna is in disappear. Udonna is under a spell, unable to move. Clare tries another spell to break it but her magic alone isn't strong enough. They are then attacked by four Styxoids. We learn that Phineas can fight as he defeats the four on his own. He even wipes the floor with one of them. Leelee and Phineas like each other. Leelee had brought Udonna's Snow Staff with her. Toby talks the team into telling him why they keep leaving the Rock Porium. They tell Toby they are power rangers but Toby informs them that they already tried that one and he wants proof. Unfortunately they can't morph to show him because Hekatoid had taken their powers. They learn from Toby to use agility against Hekatoid to get their powers back. Clare, Leelee and Phineas channel the Snow Staff.

Hekatoid strikes Daggeron out of power and shrinks to his size. The team get their powers back. The poisonous frogs fall from the sky but are frozen in the air by the return of the White Mystic Ranger. Toby watches as the five morph into the Mystic Force Legend Warriors. They use code 2 and combine their powers with the White Mystic Ranger. Hekatoid is destroyed by the Legend Warriors United Formation.

Matoombo destroys the Shield of Darkness. Sculpin stabs Leanbow Knight in the back with his Trident and takes the Master out of him. Leanbow looses Koragg's armor and is transformed back to his Ancient Mystic form. Koragg is defeated. Sculpin opens the ground from under Leanbow's feet and Leanbow falls in. Leanbow hangs for his life.

Back at RootCore, the team finally accept Leelee as their friend.

Episode 30: With the energy of the Master returned, the five remaining Terrors prepare to offer up their body to be his home. Another is chosen by the Stone before the Master selects one of them to join him. Matoombo, energy warrior of the underworld, is selected by the Stone of Judgment.

Udonna leaves her body in search for Leanbow.

Matoombo (Attacked Leanbow in ep. 29; selected in ep. 30): Matoombo begins to gather all of the electricity. When he has it all he will return it with a vengeance. Solaris and the rangers form the Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord but are both taken out by only one strike. Matoombo leaves the scene.

Matoombo wonders why the humans resist the darkness and cherish each breath. "Can their magic be that strong?" Matoombo saves a little boy from almost getting hit by a car when the boy goes after his ball that rolled onto the road. V locates Matoombo and observes him being nice to a child. Udonna searches for Leanbow within the underworld. The boy gives his ball to Matoombo then takes off. V tells Matoombo that if he conquers their world he would harm everyone, including that child. Matoombo tells her that he must conquer, so V tells him to start with her without defending herself. The Master makes his choice. The electricity Matoombo gathered returns to destroy the world but Matoombo destroys it. The Master chooses Matoombo as his vessel. Matoombo has chosen to no longer serve the Master.

Udonna finally finds Leanbow, though Leanbow is unable to move.

Gekkor (Attacked Leanbow in ep. 29; Attacks in ep. 30): Gekkor attacks Matoombo. Pink Legend Warrior helps defend Matoombo from being defeated. She takes Solaris' train card and uses his morpher to summon the Solar Streak to try and run Gekkor over with it but Gekkor flies out of the way. Pink escapes with Matoombo with the train. Itassis speaks with the other rangers. Gekkor had followed the two inside the train but pink transports him out using an Energy Vortex spell.

Itassis informs the rangers that pink and Matoombo are heading to the Dawn dimension, to the Sleeping Lake. She tells the team that she isn't like the others. she craves knowledge, not power. Itassis wants info from them. She sends Xander to their destination and if given the answer she seeks she will send the others.

If Matoombo reaches these waters he will sleep for eternity and the Master will never come. Gekkor is sent to stop him. Green and Pink Legend Warriors fight off Gekkor and get away with Matoombo. Udonna uses the energy of her Snow Staff to save Leanbow.

Itassis asks the rangers, "We are much more powerful than you, yet time after time you have defeated use. why is that?" They answer with the word, "courage!"

Vida disguises herself as Matoombo and sends Matoombo off to reach the Lake on his own while Gekkor follows her and green. Pink returns to her Legend form and the others arrive at the scene. Gekkor delivers them his full power attack, unleashing a toxic gas of energy. Leanbow returns, absorbs and destroys the energy. Leanbow morphs into the Wolf Warrior. Udonna returns to her body. Gekkor is destroyed by the "Blazing Storm Slash" attack. Matoombo finds the Lake but Sculpin is there waiting for him. Matoombo is defeated.

The team witnesses Matoombo grow then ripped apart as the Master returns. The Master shows Daggeron his future. It's shown that Daggeron will be destroyed. The Master leaves the Dawn dimension.

Episode 31: Baring through the Stone of Judgment, the Master selects Itassis to conquer the surface world. Necrolai reveals that she actually does care for her daughter when she says to Itassis that Leelee is on the surface world. Itassis tells her that she will be spared but Sculpin tells her no, if she chooses to live with humans she deserves to perish with them.

Itassis (selected in ep. 31): Itassis Battles the Legend warriors. They feed her words of truth, Itassis had said to them she is only after knowledge, but is just a puppet of the Master and doesn't have the courage to make her own decisions. Itassis leaves the battle.

Sculpin and Black Lance order Necrolai to take them to Itassis. Sculpin and Black Lance punish Itassis for betraying the Master. But Itassis first tells them that they will never defeat the rangers because the rangers have a weapon that they don't, courage. Itassis is defeated.

The Master sets foot in disappointment of the Terrors, destroying the Stone of Judgment.

Black Lance (Attacks in ep. 24,27,31,32): Black Lance attacks the city with his two stallions and his chariot. He is intercepted by the Manticore Megazord. The chariot is destroyed by the Legend Striker, Spin Attack. Sculpin awaits and observes the battle as he is encountered by the White Mystic Ranger. Black Lance takes out the Manticore Megazord and the team becomes demorphed. the White Mystic Ranger is also stopped. Sculpin takes Udonna into the underworld.

Episode 32: Red destroys Black Lance's shield with his Magi Staff Striker. The five Mystic Rangers combine forming a Mystic Spell Seal and destroy Black Lance.

Sculpin (Destroys Magma in ep. 24; Attacks Leanbow in ep. 28,29; Defeats Matoombo in ep. 30; Attacks in ep. 31,32): Udonna informs the Master that the pit no longer exist. Necrolai had revived Itassis. Itassis informs the Master that she has destroyed Sculpin. "This puppet has cut the strings!" Itassis blasts the Master away.

The Master is destroyed by the rangers. Matoombo is alive and DJs with Vida.
Black Lance
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