Episode 29 - Light Source II

Jetix.tv: -Skipped.
TOON Disney: -Monday October 9th, 2006 - 0 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday December 16th, 2006 - 7 days since last new episode.

Story Editor: - Jackie Marchand.
Teleplay By: - John Tellegen.
Directed By: - Charlie Haskell.

Leelee (Holly Shanahan) - Nick Kemplen (voice of Styxoid 1) - Jim McLarty (voice of Styxoid 2) - Donogh Rees (voice of Necrolai) - Derek Judge (voice of Black Lance) - Peter Daube (voice of Sculpin) - Josephine Davison (voice of Itassis) - Charlie McDermott (voice of Hekatoid) - Cameron Rhodes (voice of Matoombo) - Mark Ferguson (voice of Gekkor)

New Shown: - Leanbow's fire tornado attack used with the Sword of Darkness; Legend Warriors United Formation with the White Mystic Ranger.

Villains in this episode:
-Hekatoid: Attacks All.
-Styxoids: Attacks Leelee, Clare and Phineas.
-Gekkor: Attacks Leanbow Knight.
-Sculpin: Attacks Leanbow Knight.
-Matoombo: Attacks Leanbow Knight.

Information: The team (Manticore Megazord) makes it through the portal back to the surface. Leelee, Phineas and Clare enter the cave of where Udonna should be. Gekkor battles Leanbow Knight Wolf and we learn that Gekkor has a speed ability. Itassis observes Hekatoid's battle with the Manticore Megazord. The team manage to make Hekatoid release Udonna from his grasp but before they could catch her, Hekatoid uses his tongue and tosses her away from them. They spring after Udonna but Hekatoid spits black gunk which captures her before the team could save her. Hekatoid then escapes with the rangers' morphing powers and returns to the cave with Udonna.

Gekkor is struck hard by Leanbow Knight Wolf. Sculpin orders Gekkor to stop and has Matoombo step in. Tall slow Matoombo reveals that he also has a speed ability and is very strong, powerful. He brings Leanbow to his knee. Leelee, Phineas and Clare find Hekatoid's food. They spot Hekatoid coming in their direction with Udonna but he is to busy stuffing his face to notice them there. Clare uses a spell to make themselves vanish. Hekatoid views his poisonous tadpoles, wondering why his babies haven't fallen yet, and finds that the Solar Streak Megazord is destroying them. Hekatoid goes after Solaris.

Gone to force Leelee to help them, Nick and Xander have a moment at the, closed for 30 minutes since once again the employees disappeared and so Toby went skating, Rock Porium. Nick tells Xander that no one understands what he's going through. Nick never knew his real parents or where he came from, and now that he finds out it's all taken away from him, he is alone again. Xander tells him he does know how he feels and he's not alone. Xander, "When I came to this country I didn't know anyone, no one wanted to know me. I was the new guy with the silly accent, picked last on the school teams. I was teased mercilessly. Takes time to find your place. I understand Loneliness. I understand leaving your friends behinds. But your not alone Nick, you got use. We're your friends. We're your mates, your family."

Clare uses a spell to make the cage Udonna is in disappear. Udonna is under a spell, unable to move. Clare tries another spell to break it but her magic alone isn't strong enough. They are then attacked by four Styxoids. We learn that Phineas can fight as he defeats the four on his own. He even wipes the floor with one of them. Leelee and Phineas like each other. Leelee had brought Udonna's Snow Staff with her. Toby talks the team into telling him why they keep leaving the Rock Porium. They tell Toby they are power rangers but Toby informs them that they already tried that one and he wants proof. Unfortunately they can't morph to show him because Hekatoid had taken their powers. They learn from Toby to use agility against Hekatoid to get their powers back. Clare, Leelee and Phineas channel the Snow Staff.

Hekatoid strikes Daggeron out of power and shrinks to his size. The team get their powers back. The poisonous frogs fall from the sky but are frozen in the air by the return of the White Mystic Ranger. Toby watches as the five morph into the Mystic Force Legend Warriors. They use code 2 and combine their powers with the White Mystic Ranger. Hekatoid is destroyed by the Legend Warriors United Formation.

Matoombo destroys the Shield of Darkness. Sculpin stabs Leanbow Knight in the back with his Trident and takes the Master out of him. Leanbow looses Koragg's armor and is transformed back to his Ancient Mystic form. Koragg is defeated. Sculpin opens the ground from under Leanbow's feet and Leanbow falls in. Leanbow hangs for his life...

Back at RootCore, the team finally accept Leelee as their friend.

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