Wolf Warrior, Defender of Truth

: Leanbow (Chris Graham)
Age: Unknown
Symbol: Wolf, Knight.
Morph Call: Magical Source,
Mystic Force!

Weaponry: Sword and Shield of Fire, Ancient Mystic Mode
Vehicle: None
Zords: Unknown
Mystical Power: Fire.
Information: Episode 21: Imperious uses a virus spell upon the Manticore Megazord which brings their megazord to the ground leaving them defenseless. Koragg/Centaurus Wolf Megazord absorbs the virus from them because it is not the honorable why to defeat an enemy. Koragg has a memory flashback from his past and sees baby Bowen

Episode 22: Udonna and Daggeron tell the story of the great battle.

Before the great war, Udonna and Leanbow lived happily with their baby, Bowen. Leanbow was Daggeron's mentor. The forces of evil attacked and they fought them on all fronts. Leanbow fought bravely but Morticon and his troops were to strong. They needed a plan, so Leanbow met with Niella and Daggeron. Leanbow always did things his way but it was always the honorable way. Niella and Daggeron prepared for the final battle and they were joined with someone they thought who was their friend, Calindor. Leanbow was also Calindor's mentor.

When the battle was taken to the surface world, Udonna knew that the forces of darkness would be after their child. Bowen, born of magical blood would have the power and the potential to stop their evil domination.

As Daggeron left with Bowen, running through the woods to get him to safety, he was attacked by Calindor. Calindor also tried to get the baby. Dark Magic gave Calindor more power then ever. In the end their magics collided and they were both cursed. As for Bowen, Udonna and Daggeron had learned in "Ranger Down" that Phineas had found him and brought him to the safety of the human world.

Leanbow led the fight and banished the armies of the darkness to the underworld. Then he continued the battle behind the gates alone. After the gates closed behind him, Niella sealed the gates with a spell and sent it to the underworld. Niella lost her life doing so.


Koragg again sees the image of a baby in his head. Koragg battles the Legend Warriors to try and get their Legend power. Chimera joins Koragg's battle in the human realm. Koragg knew right away that Imperious had used a forbidden spell to summon this creature. Koragg says that this isn't the way, but Chimera tells him to be quiet and orders him to send the rangers to the underworld pit and so he does.

Nick mentions Leanbow's names which gets Koragg even more confused then ever. Imperious uses his dark magic to drain the rangers' legend power for the Master to rise and conquer. Koragg complains again that they can't defend them selves and there is no honor in this defeat. Udonna tries to rescue the rangers from the pit but the Master grabs her with his dark energy and Udonna slowly looses her life.

As Koragg sees that Udonna is about to be destroyed, he has more memory flashbacks and realizes who he really is. Koragg strikes the Master which saves Udonna and breaks the Master's control over him. Koragg is finally revealed as Leanbow, Udonna's husband.

Episode 23: Imperious fires a blast of his dark energy at Leanbow but Leanbow counters it then uses a spell to transport Udonna, the five, and himself out of the pit and back to the surface world.

Leanbow informs Udonna and the five about what happened with him behind the gates. In the last battle of the great war, Leanbow had closed the gates to the underworld and fought through to the Master. Leanbow's plan had worked, the Master was sent into the depths, but he used the last of his dark magic to take Leanbow with him and turn Leanbow into Koragg, the Knight Wolf -- his most obedient soldier. Koragg had no memory of his previous life and everything he did was for the Master. Leanbow remembers everything now and states that it must be because of the virus that infected his Titan Mode when he absorbed it from the Manticore Megazord, it began to break the memory spell.

The Master attempts to gain control over Leanbow again, to make him his puppet once more. The Master sends Necrolai to bring him Leanbow and uses his dark magic that is still within Leanbow to mess with his head while Necrolai captures him. The Master turns Leanbow back into Koragg.

The rangers' Legend Warrior power had given the Master enough energy to rise up from the depths. Udonna finally spots Nick's red baby blanket. Koragg is about to finish off Nick when Udonna stops him. Udonna tells him that Nick is Bowen, their son. Koragg changes back into Leanbow. The Master rises from the underworld and Leanbow sacrifices himself to bring the Master back into the depths.

Udonna is sure that Leanbow is still alive and even tells Bowen to have RootCore all cleaned before his father returns.

Episode 26: Sculpin uses the Lake of Lament to show him the Master, but the water image that appears above is not of the Master but of the Knight who attacked the Master, Leanbow with Koragg's armor. Leanbow is keeping the Master from rising.

Episode 27: Sculpin uses the Lake of Lament to show him the one who guards the Master from rising, Leanbow with Koragg's armor. Sculpin reveals to Leanbow through the water that Megahorn is about to destroy the surface world, hoping it would draw him out. Sculpin orders Black Lance to prepare to go to the surface world. Sculpin gives Necrolai one of his scales.

Black Lance joins Megahorn against the Megazords. He summons his chariot of two stallions and rides into battle. Leanbow arrives with Catastros to help the rangers from being destroyed. He jumps on the chariot behind Black Lance and strikes one of the wheels off destroying the whole chariot. Leanbow forms Centaurus Wolf Megazord and uses "the power of good magic, Mystic Spell Seal", against Black Lance but it doesn't destroy him. Necrolai throws Sculpin's scale at Koragg's armor, at one of the wolf head shoulders. Leanbow leaves the battle but takes Black Lance back into the underworld.

Sculpin informs the other Terrors that his scale will tell him where to find Leanbow.

Episode 28: Sculpin orders Necrolai to use a scale to track down Leanbow. Necrolai locates Leanbow within a cave of the Inner Sanctum then reports back to Sculpin. Leanbow kept himself invisible but Sculpin's scale revealed him. Sculpin brings with him Gekkor and Matoombo to take down Leanbow and retrieve the Master. Sculpin shatters the outer barrier that kept giant Leanbow Knight Wolf invisible and undetectable even when he used magic.

Episode 29: Gekkor battles Leanbow Knight Wolf first. After being struck hard by Leanbow Knight Wolf, Sculpin orders Gekkor to stop and has Matoombo step in. Matoombo destroys the Shield of Darkness. Sculpin stabs Leanbow Knight in the back with his Trident and takes the Master out of him. Leanbow looses Koragg's armor and is transformed back to his Ancient Mystic form. Koragg is defeated. Sculpin opens the ground from under Leanbow's feet and Leanbow falls in. Leanbow hangs for his life.

Episode 30: Udonna leaves her body to search for Leanbow within the underworld. Udonna finally finds him but he is unable to move. Udonna uses the energy of her Snow Staff to save Leanbow.

Gekkor delivers the rangers his full power attack, unleashing a toxic gas of energy. Leanbow returns, absorbs and destroys the energy. Leanbow morphs into the Wolf Warrior. Udonna returns to her body. Gekkor is destroyed the Wolf Warrior.

"Burning Heart of Fire!"

Attacks ("Behold the power of good magic!"):

Episode 22: Seen in the flashback, in Ancient Mystic Mode (using his Sword), Leanbow unleashes a fire tornado attack.

Episode 23: In Ancient Mystic Mode (using his Sword), He does a "Mystic Force Fire Strike" attack, keeping the Master from rising.

Episode 29: Leanbow with Koragg's armor (using the Sword of Darkness), he unleashes a fire tornado attack.

Episode 30: Wolf Warrior uses his Sword of Fire, "In the name of honor, Blazing Storm Slash!"

Episode 31: In Ancient Mystic Mode, Leanbow uses both his Ancient Sword and Wolf Warrior Sword. Swords charged up, "Ancient power of the Phoenix!"; Wolf Warrior summons a powerful energy sphere spell and fires upon the Master.

Episode 32: After the Master is defeated, Nick leaves town with Udonna and Leanbow on their motorcycles to go see his adopted parents for awhile.
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